Algorithmic Impact Assessment of AI/ADM systems

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More and more public institutions are opting to use artificial intelligence (AI) or automated decision-making (ADM) systems when carrying out their tasks. The direction to increase the share of technology in the management of processes in the state is clearly visible. However, it requires a number of changes be made in the public sector, which should be properly prepared – organisationally, financially, as well as in terms of officials having the right qualifications. Developing AI/ADM technologies in a way that is secure, trustworthy and ensures respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms will only be possible if the right ecosystem is created within the public administration.

The Moje Państwo Foundation presents a proposal for a tool addressed to the public sector: Algoritmic Impact Assesment of AI/ADM systems.

The purpose of the document is to highlight how AI and ADM systems can be implemented in the public sector.

The document outlines the concept of an Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) tool. It also reports on the motivations for using such tools in the management process of AI/ADM systems. 

It includes a proposal for the Algorithmic Impact Assessment of AI/ADM systems, addressed to public authorities, both at the central and local government level. The tool is a starting point for further discussion on the better, safer and more effective implementation of AI/ADM systems in the state.