Working Group for Strategic Data Management Directions

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The Foundation take part in the work of the Working Group for strategic directions of data management (DM group), in a dedicated subgroup for data management and exchange. The Working Group was created as part of the Task Force for the implementation of the "Data Opening Program for 2021-2027". The purpose of the group is to exchange knowledge and good practices among experts in the field of data management, get to know the needs of various stakeholder groups in this field, research the data market in Poland, analyze the issue of data openness, communication and personal data protection.

As follows from the thematic area, the work of the DM Group will be conducted in two special subgroups:
  • Data management and exchange 
  • Openness of data and resources

The subgroup on data management and exchange will deal with legislative issues related to the following legal acts:
1. Data Governance Act (EU Regulation on European Governance data);
2. Data Act (EU Regulation on harmonized Data Act fair access and use of data);
3. Regulations of open data and information reuse in public sector. 

In turn, the area of ​​the subgroup on openness of data and resources will be issues related to the implementation of the Data Opening Program for 2021-2027, and its subsequent evaluation, activities aimed at education, information and exchange of good practices, as well as information and communication activities on data openness and reuse.

Meetings will be held several times quarterly, on-line or in person, depending on the needs and intensity of work.

Iwona Karkliniewska, Researcher at Moje Państwo Foundation