National Internet Governance Forum – IGF Poland 2022

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On October 20, the country-level Internet Governance Forum (Internet Governance Forum Poland 2022) was held in Lublin. This year's summit was attended by representatives of authorities, government administration, business, NGOs, technical organizations and academic communities. Representatives of the Moje Państwo Foundation were also present.

The aim of IGF Poland is to promote the message contained in the final document of UN IGF 2021. During the event, there was discussion on: the idea of ​​IGF Poland, the possibilities of presenting the Polish perspective in the global discussion on the digital future, taking into account the dialogue of representatives of various social groups.

The Forum program was divided into three thematic blocks:
 • technologies in the service of society;
 • human in Internet;
 • digital legislation forum.

The Forum has become a great opportunity for multilateral and open talks related to the functioning of Internet, as well as the role of young people in the shaping of the digital future. The event was filled with discussions regarding the fate of digital regulations and the impact of technology on society and economy and further challenges.