GRAI – the AI Working Group at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

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Under the guidance of the Deputy Director of the Department of Innovative Solutions at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, GRAI (Grupa Robocza ds. Sztucznej Inteligencji) is currently working on formulating recommendations ensuring appropriate conditions for the development of artificial intelligence in Poland, both in private enterprises and in the public sector. The subject of the work is also the development of proposals for projects using AI and running educational campaigns in the field of new technologies.

GRAI is divided into several sections and subgroups that focus on specific issues and sectors of the economy. A representative of our Foundation – Anna Wyszecka – participates in the work of a subgroup dealing with AI-based systems supervision. The result of the work will be recommendations for entities playing a watchdog role for AI systems. The work focuses on assigning appropriate rights and obligations to such entities, taking into account, first of all, the content of the Artificial Intelligence Act and other acts related to the subject of supervision.

The preparation of recommendations involves the analysis of many documents and legal acts issued by national and European Union authorities, and thus the results of the work may not be expected until the second half of the year. Through the Foundation's participation in the work of GRAI, we try to support the creation of clear and transparent rules for running and supervising AI-based systems.