EU's AIDA Committee final report with amendments to the AI Act

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On 18 June 2020, the European Parliament set up a Special Committee for Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA), as proposed by the parliament's Conference of Presidents. Dragoş Tudorache, a representative from Renew Europe Group Romania, became AIDA's chairman. The scope of the committee’s work included the analysis of AI impact on the European digital economy and investigation on law harmonization, in particular in the areas of employee skills, employment, education, health, tourism, agriculture, environment, energy, defense, industry, fintech and e-government. With the aim of enabling the digital transformation to continue, the committee ensured that a human centric approach is adopted in the legislative work, safeguarding fundamentals rights, personal data protection and the right to privacy. 

On 22 March 2022, the AIDA Committee ended its proceedings and presented the final report, with amendments proposals on the AI Act.

You can find the final report of the committee here

The AI Act proposal amendments will be considered during the European Parliament session on 1 May.

Soon we will publish on our website our opinion on the AIDA committee proposals.

Written by: Iwona Karkliniewska