Moje Państwo Foundation's Report "Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Decision Making in Public Procurement - Guidelines for the Public Sector"

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The use of AI in the public sector is now a reality. Before the work on EU's draft regulation on AI is completed, public institutions will implement many AI systems, and the regulation will not address all the challenges that arise in this area.

In the report, we show how AI / ADM is used in the public sphere in Poland and around the world. We focus on common problems faced when ordering such systems and signal possible solutions.

The report is an invitation to further discuss the procurement process for AI systems implemented by state institutions. Moje Państwo Foundation proposes creating and testing best practices around AI / ADM in the public sector.

Let's talk about solutions that will increase public administration effectiveness, but at the same time put citizens' rights first. In January 2022, Moje Państwo Foundation will host a meeting devoted to AI / ADM procurement challenges in the public sector. Further details about the meeting will be announced soon. Meanwhile, we invite you to read the attached report.

The report was prepared in cooperation with experts from Maruta Wachta Law Firm.

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